Crystal Blue Copper Sulphate


Crystal Blue Premium Aquatic Chemicals Copper Sulfate Smart Crystals is Pond Algae Control     5 lb

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Granular Pond Algae Control
Crystal Blue Copper Sulfate is a great pond algae control product for filamentous or string algae. Copper sulfate should be used as a pond algae treatment on actively growing algae in water temperature above 60F. When getting rid of algae in a pond, it is always important to treat 1/2 of the pond algae at a time to avoid killing too much algae and depleting the water of oxygen. Copper sulfate is safe for most varieties of fish (see restrictions below) when used properly. Granular copper can be applied in one of three different ways: broadcast crystals, place crystals in a burlap bag and drag behind boat, or dissolve crystals and spray. The application method we recommend is to dissolve the crystals in hot water and spray actively growing algae.
Treatment Area
Smart Crystals
2,500 square feet
5,000 square feet
10,000 square feet
15,000 square feet

*Above rates are recommendations. Always be sure to read the product label before you apply your pond algae treatment.
Treat every 14 days
Apply by casting granulars, dragging behind boat in burlap, or dissolve and spray
Do Not Use with KOI or Goldfish