Mold-Clean Gallon


It’s the most powerful mold discoloration remover and surface conditioner available. It’s the only product you need to truly clean a mold stained area without the intense smell of bleach. 1 gallon treats 150 – 200 square feet.

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Easy to apply Mold-Clean can be applied directly to an affected area of a wall or any other surface with a sprayer, sponge or damp cloth to thoroughly remove mildew discoloration and stains.
Mold-Clean is a stain remover only and will not kill mold spores. Should both jobs be required, use Mold-Clean to remove the stain and then apply Bora-Care with Mold-Care to kill and prevent mold.

Eliminates mold and mildew stains. • Cleans and brightens weathered wood. • Ready-to-use. • Pleasantly scented. • Contains special wetting agents and detergents. • Penetrates deep into wood pores for thorough stain removal, which bleach cannot do. • Minimizes or eliminates scrubbing. • Perfect for water damage on all building materials.

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Weight 128 oz
Active Ingredient

Sodium Hypochlorite 5%